MilkChoco 1.32.0 Apk

MilkChoco 1.32.0 Apk 2024 for android

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v1.32.0 For Android
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Feb 01, 2023
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Android 5.0+

If you are one of the millions of players worldwide who enjoy online FPS games, then MilkChoco 1.32.0 Apk latest download is sure to be a hit with you. It would be a great mistake if you thought that this was just an ordinary action shooting game. You might just be surprised by MilkChoco APK for Android!

There is an interesting backstory behind MilkChoco's. A cup of coffee caused Milk and Choco to get into a heated argument once upon a time. In what way? Milk, being himself, wished to add more milk to their beverage. Choco, being Choco, suggested that more Chocola be added.

While the graphics are fun and the mechanics are simple, the game is more challenging than it seems. You must improve your shooting skills and reflexes to compete against the best in any online FPS game.


There are two teams, which can consist of up to five players, in this multiplayer shooting game. They are challenged to face off against each other within unique open settings. A player may choose between two opposing sides: milk or chocolate. Each team contains a variety of professions, including attackers, doctors, bombers, snipers, etc.

The gameplay is highly intuitive: you move the character with the left side of the controller, and you aim with the right side. If enemies are in your line of sight, your character will automatically fire, so you must strive correctly and throw one or two grenades.

You usually have a limited time to complete the game, so you must destroy your enemies immediately to have an opportunity to accomplish anything. Remember that some settings may appear to be labyrinthine and large.

It is an entertaining multiplayer game that is suitable for all types of players. It is also worth mentioning that the visuals are excellent.


MilkChoco features a battle royale mode in which 100 players compete against each other. Players are encouraged to use any means necessary to eliminate their opponents to remain the last player standing. In this game, players can fight alone or form teams on a large map. To survive, players must use a combination of strategy and skill to find weapons and items throughout the map.


You will find a cast of mighty cute heroes in MilkChoco ready to fight for you! There is a hero to suit every player's preferences, from the lovable panda bear Shasha to the courageous lioness Leona. There is always something new to discover in MilkChoco, as regular updates add new heroes, maps, and modes. Join us today - your perfect hero awaits!


The player is responsible for collecting milk from various locations on the map in the mobile game MilkChoco. Players compete with each other in real-time to collect the most milk within a specified period. To manage it, a player must tap on an area of the map containing milk.

If the button is tapped, a character will appear and collect milk from the location. It is also possible for players to collect milk by visiting cows throughout the world and milking them directly.


The characters are adorable, as can be seen in the picture. It is important not to mistake them for being weak, as they can kill you quickly. MilkChoco is divided into two factions, the Milk Faction, which includes white-colored heroes, and the Choco Faction, which provides for black-colored heroes.

You can customize your hero's costume, accessories, and other items by purchasing diamonds. The shop also offers you the opportunity to buy the best weapon suitable for you and your hero.


You should download them if you want an unfair advantage over others. Take advantage of the opportunity to test your skills!

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