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FarmPrecise 2.4.9 Apk 2024 for android

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v2.4.9 For Android
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Jan 31, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Because of climate change and the weather becoming less predictable, farming has become a risky business. Farmers' traditional ways of making decisions are less reliable now that the weather and how pests and diseases act have changed.

Agriculture is not an excellent way to make a living or make money because input costs are rising, productivity is decreasing, the market is unstable, and returns are low.

For farming to work well, farmers need a flexible system that helps them make decisions and advice that changes based on the weather. By doing this, they reduce risks related to the weather, cut down on losses and production costs, boost productivity, and bring in more money.

The Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR) made a phone app called FarmPrecise to meet this need. FarmPrecise makes crop management suggestions based on the weather and unique to each farm and its crops. By doing this, the farmer can make decisions about farming that are both right and good for business.


  • Participatory: You can help make recommendations by giving information and feedback about the farmer's farm and crops.
  • Giving daily advice to farmers based on the weather and the crops they are growing and covering all parts of the growing cycle.
  • The system responds dynamically to changes in the weather throughout the day, and as a result, it makes suitable suggestions.
  • Many things about farming can be changed, such as the crop type, the date of planting, the fertilizer used, the type of soil, and the soil's fertility.
  • We offer complete, all-around solutions emphasizing doing things that are good for the environment.
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